Hi there!
My name is Sasha Nicole and I’m a 35 year old, super-fun mom of two, wife, TV producer, AND I’m addicted to FASHION and EVERYTHING FAB!
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My love for creating and fashion started when I was just a little girl. I loved seeing my mom get dressed up everyday, and  I wanted to emulate that.
As a busy working mom, I always try to stay FLY! Even when I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep. It’s what keeps me sane. beingsasha5
Co-workers and strangers on the street started to ask me about my sometimes quirky look, wanting to know where ?, by who ?, and how much?!?- so I started documenting my look for work everyday, and my insta @fiercelookoftheday was born. No professional shots here. My pics are taken on a 2 minute break at work, by one of my gracious co-workers.
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I would love to say that my style is chic, trendy, classic, sporty, or girly- but in all honesty; I can’t pick just one. My style is constantly evolving and I love to create different looks everyday that make me feel fresh and confident. No rules here!
Looking forward to insipiring you to be your BEST self, one FIERCE outfit at a time!
Peace & LOVE,
Sasha Nicole


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